Sunday, 9 March 2014

3:45 am today.

I see two pair of legs lying side by side with the rest of the bodies, as i myself lay right next to them, on my right side. A little further is a cupboard on which a few books and stationery is kept, and a bottle of port wine, in which there is some amount of liquid left, waiting to be consumed, or rather, the liquid consuming me itself.
Right infront of it is a big window. With transparent sliding doors. Most of even that is covered by a dull yellow thick curtain. 
The street light is falling on the wall next to the cupboard and the woman's legs. The smoothness of the skin is tempting. His legs are just there. Just casually. And carefree. And tired. 
All I can hear is the cars outside on sv road. And the fan on full speed to keep the mosquitos away. Fail. Why this city doesn't sleep. Well there are many reasons. But so peaceful. I wish i could just lie here and look at the motor vehicles passing by outside as well. Keep a count of them and then unknowingly just fall asleep. Consumed by sleep itself. Night time insomnia is sometimes a beautiful thing to happen. 
But then again its not a thing. Which i can keep inside an almirah or Sandook  whenever i want to and take it out and spend time with it while I along with others become busy loosing our senses. It would have been great that way though. 
I don't want to wake them up. 
I don't want to wake anybody up. 
Not even myself.
In other 15 minutes or so, my grandparents living near the river will get up and go for a dip. 
Wish i could just dip in the sea nearby for ever. 
And washed all my sins including my existence. 
I can't even see the sun from here. Just the sunlight. Hope i can see it soon.
i don't know what to believe right now.
A 50 year old man saying love is a test of time.
And 23 year old man saying love fades away. And it is mortal. Just like us. Worse than us. 
I'm scared to believe at the moment.
I should shut my laptop now. Can't afford to wake them up.
Sleep is beautiful indeed.