Thursday, 3 April 2014

The ATM never works here. At least there is good music in the world.

I want a house where I only make dinner and love. Where there is a huge wall size window looking out into what that particular city looks like. A small gadda aligned right next to it. Every time i spend my monsoon weekend evenings with a mug of tea, the raindrops better splash unto my face too. The corner next to the shower room and kitchen should be where i sit head into my lap with legs touching my chest and face.
Dining should happen on the kitchen floor. cross legged. I will play all the old cassettes I have on an old tape If i can. Breathless/Aqua/Munni Begum/Ghulam Ali...
All of them. whatever is left now. 
There should be a sofa. More of an armchair. Just to watch films sitting on. It should be old and rough. Cozy with my own warmth. The table next to it should be small and big enough to take the burden of all my books. Read and unread. My alma-rih should have that one special place for my camera and the clothes I would wear and not wear on of one of those lovely days. Days when I only get to love and love more. And still get to sleep like a baby. And shower room be door less. Sheers would do. Sometimes. 
This house I will build everyday piece by piece. 
Now is the time to start reading The Surgeon Of Crowthorne.

The ATM  wasn't working again today. So had to step out of the campus. 
It is said if you stand under a railway bridge while a train pass on it, Every wish or prayer you make turns out to be true.
I don't know If my life took those prayers way too easily and is hell bent on making them true. I don't even want to live here anymore. I only dream for a house right now. And good food. I know I have these unrealistically and impractical small expectations from life. Par ab kya karein. 
Or it is life's yet another joke on me being played in full volume. 
I ate some really bad food in the evening yesterday. Sometimes places with an old charm trick you into doing so. Like all the god things in life. Port wine tastes amazing but the squeezes and churns the life out of my intestines making my brain go blow itself out. 
I'm yet to receive my parcel from amazon. 
I thought college life would be fun. 
It is just one word. Inconvenient. 
I pray that all this ends one day. I pray while I stand under the railway bridge while Azaad Hind Express or Jhelum pass over it.