Tuesday, 31 December 2013

First post 2014

so this year's first post, hoping that i will be regular and on time on 
updating my blog, finally back from a week long vacation in my hometown(s).
technically in love with Yamuna Expressway from Delhi-Agra, 
this totally felt like i am entering the new year


yes yes :-) new car :-D


hello 2014 


seven days flashback coming soon :-)                

Saturday, 21 December 2013

New Delhi 003

first day/night of blogging. 14 degrees outside. i can hear 
trucks honking away in glory going towards NH236. 1:30 am.
first visit to Lodhi gardens as well. 

wonder how this place looks likes during monsoons. some spots reminded me scenes from some really iconic romantics movies.

so took some more pictures. All unedited and mostly non-composed, maybe 
its just instinct or pure lethargy. But with sheer indulgence. exactly like when you don't care how you are eating something extremely delicious, making a mess while gobbling down some good food your throat. there is peace and 
then you don't care about the rest. there was some chai(being 'illegally' sold) 
to accompany me while i sketched and clicked and tripped over the squirrels a little.

  lovely dustbins all over. One has been painted by my dear friend Sam. 
Whom i am yet to meet. not kidding!

the architecture. somewhat around the 15th century. a latest hotspot for newly married couples to get their post wedding photo shoots done at. I really don't blame them. These places in Delhi are meant to be romantic. Non-Delhi friends kindly make a note of it :-)


fishes being shifted to the more hydrated side of the talaab.

overload of beautiful textures. the whole architecture across 90 acres of lawn area is built with rubble and sandstone and other stuff. limestone is being used for the recent renovation work. refer to google for better insight on that part.or no just don't. visit to the real place is the best.


   and i think i have fallen in love with the play of light and dark in this place.


  Gumbads are nice.