Wednesday, 19 March 2014

To be in the city of bridges

Glad that i was back again with an old friend. Testing times you know. So Sunday afternoon I go to that part of the Pune city which tricked me into actually loving it. Shaniwar Peth. Chai used to be for Rs. 7 over there when I had my first misal paav with some batchmates including Swaroopa and Amit Deshmukh Sir.
And then I got the chance to sip on the same tea after two years and eight months for Rs. 10 while Renu and Himalay gulped down glasses of Sugarcane juice each. It felt good to be in the 'sheher' again. Followed by maharashtrian lunch on a lazy sunday afternoon made by a beautiful lady. And then the toil of a student film shoot went on for the next few hours. Sunday well spent. Regardless of the fact how dicy my academic life seems like at the moment.
So ready to head back to our respective shit holes, for some reason I am left stranded on the road near one of the Pune city bridges with my friend and then we wait while coming to a decision on as to where to go or not go. The next moment we see fireworks, And my friend goes " Pune the city of bridges" and laughs it off. Sarcastically i guess. I just guess. Not sure.
An auto is taken towards the other developed Non-Pune like part of the city, passing by lottery ticket stores and buildings and buildings which don't seem to be hanging on in my memory, cause all I care now is for some sleep.
I reach. I collapse. I wake up and eat. And all the merry takes place in front of me in a flash of a few tiring and happy hours.
And then you wake up to the morning with a content feeling you were longing for since ages.
Brunch time becomes crisp. Im still wearing the same clothes and they stink. Of sleep and sweat and warmth.
I leave and reach Cafe Garden. And spend time with all the things lovely. Like the cats and cups of tea. My second favorite after the Shaniwar peth chai. Religion changes. Area changes. The taste of chai differs. But it all tastes good. The difference in taste is amazingly good. Why can't we just accept it?
I'm not alone at the cafe anymore. I have all the things lovely and real for the next 3-4 hours. I finally say goodbye.
I see the cashier at the counter change from the afternoon fellow to the evening one. He was happy to see me again. Again and not alone.
The Chaass at Cafe Garden sucks by the way.
But fireworks and moments of short lived happiness juxtaposed against a cool breeze of air at 8 pm in the evening is a sight to feel. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

3:45 am today.

I see two pair of legs lying side by side with the rest of the bodies, as i myself lay right next to them, on my right side. A little further is a cupboard on which a few books and stationery is kept, and a bottle of port wine, in which there is some amount of liquid left, waiting to be consumed, or rather, the liquid consuming me itself.
Right infront of it is a big window. With transparent sliding doors. Most of even that is covered by a dull yellow thick curtain. 
The street light is falling on the wall next to the cupboard and the woman's legs. The smoothness of the skin is tempting. His legs are just there. Just casually. And carefree. And tired. 
All I can hear is the cars outside on sv road. And the fan on full speed to keep the mosquitos away. Fail. Why this city doesn't sleep. Well there are many reasons. But so peaceful. I wish i could just lie here and look at the motor vehicles passing by outside as well. Keep a count of them and then unknowingly just fall asleep. Consumed by sleep itself. Night time insomnia is sometimes a beautiful thing to happen. 
But then again its not a thing. Which i can keep inside an almirah or Sandook  whenever i want to and take it out and spend time with it while I along with others become busy loosing our senses. It would have been great that way though. 
I don't want to wake them up. 
I don't want to wake anybody up. 
Not even myself.
In other 15 minutes or so, my grandparents living near the river will get up and go for a dip. 
Wish i could just dip in the sea nearby for ever. 
And washed all my sins including my existence. 
I can't even see the sun from here. Just the sunlight. Hope i can see it soon.
i don't know what to believe right now.
A 50 year old man saying love is a test of time.
And 23 year old man saying love fades away. And it is mortal. Just like us. Worse than us. 
I'm scared to believe at the moment.
I should shut my laptop now. Can't afford to wake them up.
Sleep is beautiful indeed.