Wednesday, 29 January 2014

a special surprise

So as I get back from Goa, my friend gets back from a Rajasthan trip. And as i was leaving Goa, i saw something interesting at the people tree studio. It's facsinating how certain little pieces of art find their way to some another place. Now that interesting thing is quite common amongst all those who traveled to Rajasthan or have been gifted with the same in some point of their lives. Okay now words are starting to fail me now so i will get to the point. I saw this red colored wooden toy, not knowing about it's origin or make and i really wanted it. Couldn't explore it properly as 100 other things caught my attention at the same. Now i like i really wanted this wooden piece of traditional art. 

Two days ago, I am in my hostel room, awakened from my afternoon nap, and i was in a deep conversation with my room mate. Now while sitting on my bed i turn back and see something wrapped in a hindi newspaper. And on it there is a tag saying 'For you from Rajasthan'. And it was the same toy i saw at People tree in Goa :-)

It is called a KAWDA and it's a traditional wooden toy which was used as a storytelling device. The pieces are painted separately and then assembled together. The pieces open up and close up quite accurately. 

So i am loving this surprise from Rajasthan in blue :-) and got nothing more to say about it as now this joins my collection of all the things i plan to have which are traditional in my room as i really wished to have this one. So here goes my blue kawda. This post is for Pragya :-) with love of course :-)   


Tuesday, 21 January 2014


well. so this was last week. like entirely the whole week in Goa at Mapusa and Assagao while endless numbers of trips were made to the mapusa market for the Mapping Mapusa Market Project. Here are a few pictures from my third week of the year 2014. Pretty much unexpected and the happenings of the week that just went by, stirred with emotions that are still sinking in. slowly and beautifully. The people and the place. As Stan and Bahbak said, we love Goa for whatever it is. And i hope that more such trips happen so that the goodtrip of the life continues. 

the backyard of the beautiful villa i stayed in.  yes, pretty much my favorite spot in the whole house. the phone signal was perfect too :-)
,night and day inside


the very beautiful Gayatri from Delhi on the project. This is from the second day of the workshop and part of the 100 Rs. exercise. 

one of gayatri's purchased items from the market. And Stan's awesomely awesome 
voice/audio recorder. 

Part of Stanzin's tambaaku-chuna container collection. 
and the map(usa) of course :-)

Bahbak with his NAAKWANGI.

 Bahbak with Andrew's



Werner's dried fish.

the market being famous for its import of bananas 
from different parts of the country


at sagar tea stall

Stanzin's camera in various locations. 
i had one picture with orange peels as well
but guess i deleted it :-P

 in the house with the wild turkey

Mehar you another beauty :-D And my free-vehicle-lift partner :-)


Sagar tea stall. The tea stall with the best view in mapusa. 
And stan photobombing an already bombed picture for us.
And then the beautiful fish thali.

One of the intensive meetings with the mappers. Where we discussed gopros and celestial nymphs. With coffee. At Gunpowder. And Maithelee's awesomely doodled upon coffee cup.
Day 3.
 Capsicums. I like being random too.

One of the evening meetings. And more food. Gunpowder again. With Bahbak's special cheese and olive marie servings. was really distracted in the whole meeting. Damn you fine cheese!
Fishes. Random again.

people tree
June :)
Gunpowder happiness! go for it!

some glimpses from my project. Under construction at the moment. 
 will be posting the final project o n the main blog soon.
the ongoing project can be looked up here:

Stan briefing the college students. Cold corner juice center. Too cool Stanzin :-D

Yup. Not Stanzin. Just before the grocery shopping for the Assagao Burger Party.


Alyen making liverfry \m/


See You Soon Shakuntala!