Saturday, 22 February 2014

Out of all the things romantic

So all of a sudden in all this nonsense, I'm reminded of some visuals from a movie i loved watching as a kid. I just could not remember the name. I remember there was a boy who sketched really well. He sketched some fishes in his small sketchbook. There was an old man who dies in the end. And a beautiful mansion where i always dreamed of living in. Thats all i could recall from the film. And the fact that the boy and the girl kissed while drinking water from the same fountain tap. Every time. While i was going through a facebook page about movie quotes and all, i came across this image with Bob DeNiro and Ethan Hawke in it. A movie named GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

Now this my friends happened after ages. This is the film/movie we are talking about here. Ethan
Hawke, DeNiro, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Bancroft as the lady who messes things up but who happened to be my favorite character in the movie at the time i watched it on Star Movies with my family when i was 6 or 7 years old. I read the reviews on imdb recently and turned out that the movie dint do really well. But who cares. My mystery got solved. I found my film. A dreamfilm rather. Something which defined the features of romance and fantasy for me when i was a young kid. And something i forgot the essence of over the period of these few years spent in character building and education.

Well, another movie which played all the romantic chords in my heart this year was Dedh Ishquia. Whether it was the old school romance factor in it, the light each time Madhuri Dixit entered the frame or the urdu shayari which was spoiled by the english subtitles in the theater or simply the fact that it had the typical adaa and style straight from the states of northern provinces or Uttar Pradesh, more specifically the Lucknow and its nearby areas made the movie hopelessly and helplessly romantic for me. Yes the story was quite loose. And an unsatisfactory ending. Something which can be said for romance as well. It has no ending. It has it's own chapters and phases and stages. Like the seven ones they mentioned in the movie. In all, it reminded me of the times when i used to take a bus to travel in old Pune city area while listening to Ghulam Ali Saahab on my phone or the times when i traveled on a cycle rickshaw in chandni chowk New Delhi every time i had to go to Khalsa Brothers to buy my half yearly supplies of Art material and all that back in school days. Yes this is exactly how the whole movie looked like to me. This warm yellow light is always flattering. Isn't it?

All this leads me to the point. The time i visited Lucknow last December and fell in love with the city all over again. Had the best Litti-Chokhha and the best chaat. Something which is so rare to find where i currently live. Of course where i live has some other amazing things to offer, but roots are roots. And love makes you splurge and indulge in all the things u can. So December winters, christmas time, great food and amazing people, i made a trip to Bada Imambara and then the BHOOL BHULAIYA inside. Pictures, well beautiful.

Yes! and it's amazing!

Our Guide

The persian hall, the largest hall to constructed without pillars in Asia

Hazrat Ganj Market. Best Chikan fabric and Chaat. 

 outside BNA, Lucknow, U get the best Litti chokhaa, a typical bihari/UP dish which is crucial to our culture for 15 bucks a plate. Well. You don't get it anywhere else specially down south. And even if you do the taste isn't as authentic as it should be. 

So. Just go to Lucknow and live the romance in whatever you do. Shop, eat or just take a walk along the old Awadhi architecture.