Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A poem dedicated to my past lovers, make believe friends, and the universe.

Its been a really long time. 
Since I last kissed someone. 
That I feel now that I have never been kissed at all. 
The space between my ears and shoulders has been long empty, 
Forgotten that if it even exists. 
My hipbones and my knees,
They have forgotten whose lips they miss these days. 
The contours of skin are hugged only by sweat and fabric lately. 
Why should this piece of land suffer so much? 
If the mind fails to find love. 
The land has its own list of needs.
Sometimes governed by lust, sometimes confusion.

When you call me fat, 
I hug my mother, 
And lose myself in her breasts. 
When you ridicule my pain of hunger and laugh at my loneliness, 
I feel like eating ice cream from a bath tub. Full of it. 
I imagine myself to be in it too, sometimes. 
I am slowly becoming ignorant to your opinions. 
Does my existence oozing out from my skin is so threatening to you,
that you greet me with insecurity? Each time that we meet?

Go get a life.
And a sandwich for yourself maybe.
This body of mine has been keeping me together. 
Others came and went. 
The body stayed and So did I. 
And you kept running after others to complete you.

There is nothing which can complete us. 
As I am the universe and the universe is me. 
With the flaws and the miracles embraced in one long breathe.