Tuesday, 24 February 2015

He said, She said

She said, "I will do it again."
He said, "It's pointless. It doesn't exist."

She said, "You should try believing in us. For once."
He said, "There is no us."

She said, "I will not fall for you."
He said, "You will get over it soon."

She said, "I like the lights dim."
He said, "Then how will I see the depths of your skin?"

She said, "Let me love you."
He said, "There you go. Again the same mistake."

She said, "Let me hug you. Let me wrap myself around you from behind. For a while."
He said, "You are clinging onto me again."

She said, "It makes me happy."
He said, "Get out of movies,
there is no happy ending in life."

She said, "I know better. I just need mine.
Not ours."
He said, "Don't drag me in your life."

She said, "Don't enter mine."
He said, "People change."

She said, "I have never met a coward like you before."
He said, "You killed the romance."

She said, "There was romance even in the way
the red colored bus arrived at the bus stand today.
Falling leaves took the attention away from the annoying
heat as the driver pressed the break and put the vehicle to a halt.
Time stood still.
The leaves fell happily in the invisible arms of the tar road.
I never felt that with you.
What do you know about romance anyway."