Monday, 4 August 2014

Healing will start in 7 seconds.

I hugged Rudy and Pragya after months today. And I could not leave them. I dint want to leave them. This was so far my best day in loni this year.
I din't leave Pragya for almost a minute I guess. Or rather she din't let go off me.
Same thing happened last week when I met Nikki. In the mall.
And when I met Alok at Nal Stop bus stand.
Stop being pricks both of you.

It is said that a hug works as a healer if it lasts for seven seconds or more. Or maybe if it was three seconds written in that newspaper article I read with images of Tibetan monks hugging on it.
How I wish I was too around them, the monks, on my 21st birthday this August. Away from this shithole.
This shithole of a place being bearable for me only by the likes of Pragya and Rudy.
I miss eggs too sometimes. But then Im to be blamed for the distance between us. I was a prick in our case.
I hate it but Saatchi's nonstop Deccan queen live playlist is still stuck in my head. All sorts of Bollywood songs I had never heard. Can't believe it that I had never heard them.

That was a train I had taken to escape from this shithole.
Im back to one meal or max two meals a day routine. My hair has grown longer. I would like to cut it off again. It's been five weeks now. I need to cut it off before I feel the burden again. And we all have our own ways of practicing asexual masturbation. Im sure by now you don't even know what exactly Im talking about.

maybe more later.
worst writing session ever.