Monday, 2 June 2014

hello first monday of June 2014

I really want to take this one page a day challenge seriously. God knows if I will be able to keep up at it. Jury is day after. Film is still not ready. It has become so windy here. And I have to pack also. Suddenly it hit me that how this day was so different a month back. And two months back. And six months back. And specially an year back.
Still stuck. Still confused. Still hung up on. But happy for a change. Although won't be able to witness the amazing Pune weather before leaving for Delhi. And as I reach home, their will be BA exams waiting for me.  How amazing. But before that I just want to go to Cafe garden once. Have their amazing Irani chai and watch the kittens who must have grown up now from a distance. I have never stayed away from it this long. It's been three weeks now. And so much has changed and happened in three weeks itself. I have been loved-hated-adored-hugged-kissed-ignored-shunned and silenced all of a sudden in one go in just a span of three weeks. Wow. Talk about life not ignoring you sometimes. And forcing you to sip dirty martinis.
I still dream of having a one room house with a big window in some corner of the camp area in Pune.
And then I think how beautiful this day was an year ago. People kept their promises and love. There was freedom and hope. But accompanied with a lot of illusion. All that is gone now. And the illusion too. For the good I guess.
It doesn't look like Im going to Kashmir this june after all.
So it will be pretty much Delhi heat and rains.